Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Leaving Home - Leaving Blogspot

“Would you meet with him?”

I don’t know.

But I do know that this is the last time I will be asking this question on this blog.

I am moving on, figuratively and physically.

From now on you will find me in my new house, a website designed for Amity Publishers.

There is always a sadness in a move.

This is a little like moving from one house to another. No matter how new the next house is or how perfectly designed it is, there is always something that isn’t quite right. Each house has its defects. And no matter how shabby the old house was or how makeshift it seemed at first, each home has its comforts.

I feel that way now as I move from this blogspot home to my new website cyberspace house. 

Leaving this interim blogspot, where I thought I was going to be for only a couple of months, isn't easy; it did become a home for me. It became comfortable and cozy for me. I think its casual atmosphere and informality gave me a freedom of expression that I needed during this time. I know that it instigated some very good conversations. I had some lovely times on here, so I am gaining something in the move, but I am also losing.

However, there are times when one must change, leave some of the comforts behind, leave some of the conveniences behind and try something new, no matter how terrifying.

Of course I worry. I wonder if I will change. I wonder if the tone of my blogs will change. I wonder if I will have trouble trying to answer my new question. I wonder if I will tire of it all. I wonder if it will be too much.  I wonder about so much.

Mainly I wonder if it will ever feel like a home….

But I do want to invite you to come and make this move with me. Come visit me at the www.amitypublishers.net website. With time we will try to make it a home.

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. 

Photo by: Cliff Derksen
However, we are taking the flowers and the photographer with us to the new house....

Courtesy of Assiniboine Conservatory
Winnipeg, Manitoba